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Avery Albino Magic Mushroom(28g)


Avery Albino Magic Mushroom(28g)


Truly unique experiences will surely come from using rare mushrooms such as these Avery Albino Mushrooms. This shroom comes from the Cambodian strain and contains the active element of psilocybin. It is one of the ultra-rare mushrooms in the market with high potency that can last for hours. It got its “albino” title from its ghostly all-white appearance which is definitely not a common characteristic among shrooms.

Avery Albino fungi are known for their high potency that gives users high-hitting effects and a quick-acting high that affects them both mentally and visually. The effects can be felt within just 15 to 30 minutes after digestion so first-time users are advised to be cautious in taking the shrooms.



                  Albino Avery

Albino avery from ancient times, magic mushrooms have been employed for their hallucinogenic and medicinal effects. Mushrooms have psilocybin, a potent substance that can cause profound introspection, altered states of consciousness, and even spiritual experiences. The Avery Albino strain of magic mushrooms, renowned for its distinct appearance and intense effects, is one of the most intriguing varieties.

The history, appearance, effects, and cultivation of the Avery Albino Magic Mushroom will all be covered in this article.

           History of Albino Avery Mushrooms

The Avery Albino strain, a relatively recent addition to the realm of magic mushrooms, was initially identified by an American producer by the name of Avery in the early 2000s. Avery allegedly discovered a little, white, and albino-looking mushroom growing among a batch of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms when he was cultivating them. Intrigued, he chose to segregate and grow the albino strain, which ultimately resulted in the creation of the Avery Albino Magic Mushroom.

             Appearance of Avery Albino Mushroom

The Avery Albino Magic Mushroom is an albino or white strain of Psilocybe cubensis, as its name suggests. One of the most remarkable magic mushroom strains, it is also known as the Albino Avery or just the Avery. The Avery Albino’s smooth, light or pale white, somewhat domed-shaped heads are the norm. The stems are slender and appear wiry, and they are also white.

The flesh of the mushroom may turn blue when handled or bruised. This is a common symptom of mushrooms containing psilocybin.

             Effects of Avery Albino Mushrooms

The Avery Albino can have a variety of mental and physical effects, just like any psilocybin-containing mushrooms. These side effects can differ based on the user’s set and setting, dosage, and level of tolerance, but they typically fall into the following categories:

The Avery Albino fungus, like all psilocybin-containing mushrooms, can have a variety of affects on the mind and body. Depending on the person’s set and setting, dosage, and level of tolerance, these effects can vary, but they typically fall into the following categories:

The Avery Albino has strong psychedelic effects that might include vivid visual hallucinations, distorted time and space perception, and profound emotional experiences. Users could feel as though they are taken to different worlds or dimensions, come across mythical creatures or archetypes, or come to feel at one with the cosmos.

Effects on Therapy: Research suggests that psilocybin may be useful in treating a variety of mental health issues, such as addiction, anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Users of the Avery Albino might learn more about their thought and behavior patterns, face repressed feelings or traumas, and have a clearer sense of direction.

The Avery Albino may also experience physical side effects like a faster heartbeat, dilated pupils, and low blood pressure. Although these side effects are typically minor and transient, users of magic mushrooms should nevertheless exercise caution by drinking plenty of water and avoiding potentially hazardous situations.

         Cultivation of Albino Avery Mushroom

The Avery Albino Magic Mushroom can be grown using the same techniques as other Psilocybe cubensis strains, such as the B+ or Golden Teacher. Here’s a basic overview of how to cultivate Avery Albino Magic Mushroom:

  • Obtain spores: To grow Avery Albino Magic Mushroom, you’ll need to obtain spores from a reputable source. Spores can be ordered online or purchased from a local supplier.
  • Substrate inoculation: After obtaining the spores, you must inoculate a substrate, which serves as the mushrooms’ developing medium. The most popular substrate is a concoction of vermiculite and brown rice flour, which is sterilized in an autoclave or pressure cooker to remove any impurities or pathogens.
  • Colonize substrate: The substrate must now wait for the mycelium to colonize it after being inoculated with spores. The mycelium will grow and spread throughout the substrate throughout this period, which could last many weeks.
  • Prepare a fruiting chamber: After the substrate has been completely colonized, a fruiting chamber needs to be set up. This might be a grow tent designed specifically for plastic containers with ventilation holes. The humidity and temperature in the fruiting chamber should be maintained at a constant level, which can change depending on the strain.
  • Start fruiting: To start fruiting, you must provide the mushrooms with the ideal environment for growth. This entails exposing the substrate to light, raising the humidity, and allowing for the exchange of fresh air. Pinhead-sized mushroom spores should start to emerge, and these will eventually develop into fruit bodies.
  • Harvest and dry: After the mushrooms have reached maturity, you can gently twist them off at the stem’s base. The delicate meat of the mushrooms should only be handled delicately to prevent damage. Once the mushrooms have been gathered, they can be dried using a dehydrator, a fan, or by hanging them up on a wire rack in a warm, dry area.

Avery Albino Magic Mushroom is a fascinating strain of Psilocybe cubensis, known for its unique appearance and potent effects. While it should be used responsibly and with caution, it has the potential to offer profound insights, therapeutic benefits, and transformative experiences.

By following the proper cultivation and safety techniques, users can enjoy the benefits of Avery Albino Magic Mushroom while minimizing the risks.


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